Coffs Harbour Roofing - Quickspec Group
Expert Roofing consultants servicing NSW including Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Port Macquarie, Grafton and Byron bay and QLD including Noosa, Maroochydore, Nambour. Caloundra and Coolum

Coffs Harbour Roofing - Quickspec Group

The Quickspec Group, founded in 2012 by Industry experts with over 20 years experience in Roof construction, Roof Installation, Roof Repair and Roof Restoration.

Quickspec – QPRC  is an independent roof consulting Company providing services throughout NSW and QLD. Our entire focus is directed to solving and preventing roofing problems, providing Re Roofing and Roof Restoration solutions along with the Roof Design and Roof Installation of Roof Safety Access Systems. We pride ourselves on instituting comprehensive "pro-active" roof management programs, enabling building owners and managers to adopt a logical and organized approach to preventing and solving problems. Our reputation of delivering results with complete objectivity and to Budget is valued by our Clients.

Our services include roof analysis, problem identification, roof design and specifications, quality assurance monitoring, Re-Roofing and Roof Safety Access systems.

We're a family-owned and operated Company with a good history of providing excellent service to our clients. We welcome new challenges and constantly look forward to the new opportunities and challenges.

Roof Technologies
QPRC employs a computer network system during roof design, document development, and administrative functions. Industry standard computer applications such as AutoCAD and Microsoft Office are utilized to streamline information exchange among clients and team members. Specialized database Templates such as our custom roof management programs, provide accurate cost estimating, extensive project data storage, and other critical path needs.

Roof Experts
The principals and employees of QPRC have extensive knowledge and experience in Project Management, Roofing, Roof Safety Access, waterproofing, and exterior wall construction. Since the Companies inception, we have been carrying out Roof Restoration works, Roof Safety Access projects and providing our Clients evaluation, design, and inspection services, ranging from simple Projects to Highly Complex ones.

Our Office
QPRC is equipped, staffed, and trained for all types of Roof, Roof Access and exterior Wall consulting work. The technical staff is outfitted with proper tools, ladders, testing equipment, moisture detection instruments, and safety and access equipment to get the job done right. Our office includes space for shop equipment, sample handling and evaluation, training, and related activities. Also, we have an extensive technical library on-site, which is one of our most valuable resources